offering our Clients solutions at every step of the operational cycle.

We have the best-stocked inventory for the electrical sector in the whole country in our storage space in Guacara, Edo. Carabobo.
Di-electric Oils
Batteries and chargers for UPS systems
Screws and anchor bolts
Electrical hardware for various specifications
Pipe accessories
Hydraulic Air filters
Accessories for fire prevention systems
Pipes in different sizes and dimensions and associated materials
Cable Trays
Temperature Probes
Fans for generaors and turbine packages
Air filters for turbines
Flame detectors
Cables for various specifications
Pumps for various specifications
Industrial lighting system
Terminal cups
Oil for turbines Turbinas (Jet Oil)

Derwick only service company in Venezuela that has transport containers/turbine preservation, Dollys for maintenance and Stands for turbine transport.

This equipment is required for the safe local or international transport of some turbines, for maintenance in situ or in workshop and for the long-term preservation of units in accordance to the manufacturer’s manuals. Derwick offers these products for sale, rental or as part of the wide range of maintenance and field services offered by the company.

In addition Derwick has more than 40 loading containers 20’ and 40’ in size as well as office trailers available for sale or rental.

At Derwick we know that investing in tools and special equipment to build, take apart, inspect and repair turbines or other electrical generating equipment translates to providing our Clients with the best possible service.

These tools and equipment are readily available to our Clients for sale, rental or as part of the training, operating, and maintenance services offered. In this way our Clients can bypass transport and import costs when soliciting our services.

Examples of the tools and equipment we have available:

Pratt & Whitney FT-4
Frame Support Adaptor, Shaft Drive and Lift fixtures for turbines. Tools necessary to access turbines with a boroscope so as to raise the unit for transport or installation.
General Electric LM2500
Inspection equipment, also used for level 1 and 2 repair.
General Electric LM6000
Inspection equipment, also used for level 1 and 2 repair.
Brochure XL Go+ VideoProbe 6.1mm
with multiple optical tips and other accessories. (brochure)